As usual, Sersan is pleased to share with its Clients and friends the prominent activities of 2023, regarding maritime urgencies. This year we were involved, as always, in health activities for seafarers and addressed problems (surgeries, dressings, and more) and found solutions. Our doctors are always in close contact with patients, from the time of surgery until repatriation with medical escort. Here are the main cases handled in this second part of 2023 by Sersan:

  •  From March 24 to 26, patient S.S., Grande Texas ship, repatriation with medical escort from Misurata (Libya) to Naples (Italy).
  • From September 15 to October 17, patient D.M., repatriation with medical escort to India.
  • From September 3 to October 20, patient H.H., long recovery for complications, medical escorted repatriation to Indonesia.
  • From October 12 to 25, patient R.R.E., medical escorted repatriation to Manila (Philippines).

In the “Covid area,” our surveillance and prevention efforts have contributed to the decrease of cases and the improvement of preventive treatment. Sersan always moves alongside its patients and works according to YOUR specific needs to make health care more functional and efficient.

Best regards,