This is another article concerning the activities of Sersan in 2020. The urgencies collected here differ from the classic ones in terms of times of success and difficulties related to the covid-19 emergency.

MV BBC Mekong’s task:

In October we received a medical assignment aboard the MV BBC Mekong: standard health care of suspected BBC Mekong workers with Covid-19. After the first checks using a rapid salivary swab for covid-19, nine were positive for the virus, of which eight were isolated and one of them with oxygen deficiency (suitably oxygenated). Certainly visits to each member of the crew continue throughout the month of November, including Commander and sub-officers. Most Covid-19 cases within the Mekong have resulted in the patient’s repatriation.

As regards the planning of repatriation and coordination with the Maritime Agency for Repatriation, Sersan managed to efficiently manage more than one patient on the same ship, also managing to organize the legal framework with the embassies of the sick people. The whole operation kept us busy from 26 October until the first days of 2021, with the return of some patients’ baggage.

MV Tian Hui’s task:

in December a new urgency presented itself, as already explained in advance 90% of the urgencies of this particular 2020 are linked to cases of Covid-19. In this case, almost all the crew members of the MV Tian Hui have been visited and as regards the repatriation to China there are obviously more complicated and lasting processes.

Then in order to organize the visits and repatriations, Sersan, under the coordination of the health manager Dr. Salvatore Pulixi, took care in a few days of isolating patients visited by rapid salivary swab with positive results and their health care for the stay. In this case too, medical and legal operations were concluded with the beginning of 2021 following the conclusion of specialized healthcare activities offered to patients.