We at Sersan are happy to inform you about our usual medical activity and maritime emergencies.

Sesran is also proud to be carrying out the training projects of first aid, road education and dog education, in collaboration with Fondazione Pulixi and Jàgaru Group.

In this first part of 2022 a very important transfer was made, the main reason for writing this informative article.

Sersan Service took care of a patient originally from the Philippines who had a surgical operation in Livorno, taking care of the post-operative phase and the usual medical escort. We kept the patient under observation for 15 days and then repatriated under the supervision of our dr. Riccardo Loi. Now the patient is serene and healthy.

We are also very pleased to report the great improvement from the pandemic point of view.

In any case, we recommend caution and prevention, there are still many Covid-19 cases that we face weekly and we need to take care of the most fragile subjects.

We at Sersan Service are united and always active to bring the health situation back to normal.