After a year of restrictions and sanitation measures, Sersan is proud to have managed to organize health emergencies and medical supplies to the best of our ability.

We separate activities related to covid operations from other marine rescue operations. Below are some of the most important among the various covid emergencies:

  • whole March (31 days), patient I.S., Eurocargo Istanbul ship – covid healtcare
  • from 10 May from 16 June, whole staff and crew from Heydar Aliyev ship – visits and covid swabs
  • from 15 to 26 June, patient K.A., Polar Unicorn ship – visits and covid healtcare
  • from 4 to 16 December, patient K.V., MT Vallesina ship – covid healthcare

While here are reported other relevant emergencies, not related to covid, of this year.

  • from 29 July to 10 august, patient W.L., AOM Maria Laura ship, route from Sassari to Cagliari airport then to Rome (Italy)
  • 18 august (no hospitalization), patient S.E.G., Royal Falcon One ship, route from Cagliari (Italy) to Olbia airport then to Istanbul (Turkey) – medical escort only
  • from 3 to 4 november, patient S.T., Nassima ship, route from Imperia (Italy) to Johannesburg (Southafrica)
  • 16 December, patient H.V., private ship, from Tortolì to Milan (Italy)

But this season began with a splendid collaboration with Fondazione Pulixi, in order to promote training projects related to First Aid and Road Education. Recently, our company has included among Fondazione Pulixi projects also a dog education project, in collaboration with Jàgaru Group.

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