After a year of restrictions and sanitation measures, Sersan is proud to have managed to organize health emergencies and medical supplies to the best of her ability.

Moreover, being able to start projects external to occupational medicine and maritime emergencies.

Among the main activities carried out by Sersan in 2021, the medical escort carried out for the Tortolì-Milan section stands out: the patient remained under the supervision of an anesthetist who was constantly present during the journey by medical car and by ferry.

As usual, our company took care of the medical and emotional control of patients. Every aspect is taken care of, starting from the stay in hotels, during hospitalization and before departure up to the selection of doctors who accompany patients to their countries of origin.

Sersan is committed, as every year, in occupational medicine activities and, moreover, in 2021 many medical consultations and diagnostic checks related to Covid-19 are carried out.

In October alone, more than 20 seafarers were visited, all belonging to the same ship.

But this season began with a splendid collaboration with Fondazione Pulixi, in order to promote training projects related to First Aid and Road Education.

Recently, our company has included among Fondazione Pulixi projects also a dog education project, in collaboration with Jàgaru Group.