The year 2020 was particular and tiring for everyone.
The epidemic we have experienced has helped us to grow and improve in the fields related to medicine in our country.
For Sersan, the most important healthcare activities at sea, carried out in 2020, are all in relation to health checks for Covid-19.
Since our agenda was therefore full of emergencies related to the spread of the virus by boats, it has become our top priority.

Despite this, Sersan has been particularly involved in Maritime Rescue even during the pandemic situation. This is because our company leaves no one behind but at the same time looks towards the future. Among the missions at sea completed in the previous ten months, some of the most efficient and complete have been collected as always.

In April we have deal with a health emergency for patient N.S. from MT Chem Taurus ship, first of all taking care of his medical assistance and then of his room and board. The activity therefore included, in addition to urgent medical services, also the stay in a hotel room at Best Western Hotel (food included). Regarding health services, the patient’s hospitalization was managed in our clinic, where instrumental diagnostic tests and physiotherapy programming were performed. As usual, the patient used all kinds of personal services both during hospitalization and the stay in the hotel, including “delivery service”.

In July, Sersan was entrusted with the medical inspection of a Covid-19 outbreak inside the MV Horizon Enabler ship. The health activities, led by our Health Manager Dr. Salvatore Pulixi, took place between 25 July and 31 July, and the results of the tests were made available in the following days. As many as 45 workers were subjected to a quick salivary swab and visited by Dr. Raffaele Milia. 

In October, urgent healthcare was carried out for patient S.I. coordinated by our Health Manager, Dr. Salvatore Pulixi, Specialist Surgeon.
A transfer is made by ambulance and medical escort directly from the MT Christa boat, from the Villa Scassi Hospital (GE) to the Cristoforo Colombo airport in Genoa. After tests carried out in the hospital, the patient was definitively transferred by jet air ambulance from Genoa airport to Istanbul international airport.

Every tasks were carried out with completeness and efficiency, characteristics of our company and indispensable quality in Healthcare.