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Our activities of 2020

The year 2020 was particular and tiring for everyone. The epidemic we have experienced has helped us to grow and improve in the fields related to medicine in our country. For Sersan, the most important healthcare activities at sea, carried out in 2020, are all in relation to health checks for Covid-19. Since our agenda

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Project Covid-19 by Sersan Service srl

Project Covid Free <--here all information about our new project In such a difficult and significant period, Sersan is committed to bringing hope and solidarity through this project. Present project, built during Covid-19 Pandemia period, concern the demand, manifested by commercial vessel’s owners and by shipping agencies, to grant its crews health and safety onboard

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Our activities of 2019

In 2019 we carried out maritime relief for patients of at least 15 different nationalities, coming into          contact with more than 20 vessels. Among the best known MSC Divina, Explorer of the Seas and MV Lady Nur. Most challenging rescue in 2019: On 24th March Mr. D.N. (seaman of MV Sider Jasmine) was hospitalized in

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